Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony 4.0

Voloco is an actual-time explain-processing app that combines computerized tuning, harmony, and vocoding. Accumulate a display screen out of your music assortment or Voloco's free beat library to reveal or rap over, and Voloco will wager the main of the display screen and tune your explain to that key.

Voloco lets you yarn your performances in audio or video so you might want to perhaps perhaps simply portion them. Make your web music video selfie! Post it to Instagram and label us. If we like it, we'll portion it to our social media accounts.

In present for you to discontinue your combine with yet one more app, that's easy. You have to to rap or reveal over a display screen, yarn your self, and export fair trusty your vocals for final mixing in other areas.

Examine out a couple of of the legitimate-quality tracks users enjoy made with Voloco in the High Tracks piece of the app.

Accumulate a beat from the beat library to rap or reveal over.

Voloco parts eight vocal make preset packs:

Starter: Two flavors of vehicle vocal tune, a rich harmony preset, a monster vocoder, and noise gash rate.
Current Rap I: Add stereo width, thickness, and heft to your vocals.
Current Rap II: Extended harmonies and results which could perhaps perhaps be gigantic for ad-libs.
P-Tain: Grievous pitch correction plus seventh chords. Pleasurable for RnB and rap.
Bon Hiver: Lush harmonies and auto vocal tune in the form of Bon Iver's tune “Woods.”
8 Bit Chip: Bleeps and boops like your favourite games from the 80's
Duft Pank: Funky vocoder sounds the same to a undeniable French electronic duo.
Sitar Hero: Inspired by Indian classical music.

Model 4.0 permits top rate subscribers to commerce results, neat duration, and adjust quantity after recording.
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