Rage of Demon King


Within the distant Heian length …
A younger man tormented by illness is attempting to live on
Later he became a demon
Though he had an immortal existence span and an indestructible physique,
he had to hunt assorted other americans and must by no intention get up in the sunlight.
In dispute to beat his ideal weakness, he created many noteworthy demons thru blood curse.
The unsuitable evening has arrive.
Now and then, there are reliable and intrepid other americans that apply respiratory methods and apply the Ubuyashiki clan to form a Demon Slayer Squad and fight against the unsuitable spirits.
Will this attach the human world?
In dispute to appease the spirits of these it killed, and to create particular that it claims no further victims… I would possibly swing my blade down and nick off the head of any demon with out mercy!

•Recreate masterpiece and we are able to hunt demons collectively
Relive your entire myth and touching scenes of Demon Slayers, collectively we are able to meet fresh friends and nick thru blood curse to write your delight in story.

•Loads of heroes
Your entire accepted characters are right here, safe them and setup your group with assorted abilities accordingly. Lead your squad and create victory!

•Extra than one upgrades, tactics gameplay
Give a enhance to stages and ascend your heroes to beef up their abilities additionally fight efficiency. Exercise assorted setups to face tricky battles and overcome your enemy with tactical gameplay

•Snappy upgrade, slothful sport
No extra tough-farming, mumble howdy to the slothful sport and its stress-free sport skills. A single tap is all you will want! Easy to play with

•Dozens of sport modes
Ore Mine Battle, Pillar Trials, Secret Books, and and so forth. Extra assorted sport atmosphere are waiting for you to explore! Time to glimpse this exclusive Demon Slayer world!
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