Oh My Dog – Heroes Assemble


It’s time for all “underdogs” to counterattack! Acquire your elegant dogs heroes, lead them in battlefield, and defeat whotever as you adore!The old can defeat the sturdy by flexible map adjustments!
There are Dog Leaders from in all locations the field gathering there: on the side of your Dog Troops, actual meet, compete, unite, and upward push!

====Story Background====
One habitual hour of darkness, chances are high you’ll presumably perhaps well presumably also very successfully be tired along with your dizzy head buried within the unending work.
Confronted with the tense humiliation from your boss and colleages, you seemed up to the sky and screamed: “I want to alternate this!!”
All of sudden a lightweight flashed into the place of work, and the dogs god came! ! !
“Why terminate you acquire got to swallow your anger ? Fair bring these dogs heroes! Your destiny shuffles from this moment!”

====Game Factors====
◆Dog Heroes Assemble
Over 50 characters to take from!

◆Fight between Dog Heroes
Fight below no circumstances ends!

◆Rapidly Stage Certain
Certain 100 phases in 1 hour!

◆Straightforward but Strategic Gameplay
Capture talents strategically for combat!

◆Various Battlefields
Switch battle scenes freely!

====Contact us====
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/OhMyDogEN/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OhMyDogMobile
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