Google App (Wear OS)

The Google app retains you within the be taught about issues that topic to you. Fetch snappy answers, explore your pursuits, and take care of as a lot as this point with Look. The more you exhaust the Google app, the higher it will get.

Search and browse:
– Internal reach outlets and restaurants
– Dwell sports activities ratings and schedules
– Movies situations, casts, and opinions
– Movies and pictures
– Info, stock data, and more
– Anything else you’d earn on the catch

Salvage personalised updates in Look*:
– Cease within the be taught about topics that hobby you
– Originate up your morning with weather and top data
– Salvage updates on sports activities, movies, and events
– Know as soon as your favourite artists fall novel albums
– Salvage tales about your pursuits and spare time activities
– Note attention-grabbing topics, objective from Search outcomes

Unstable connection?
– Google will automatically optimize outcomes to make stronger loading on tainted connections
– If Google can no longer entire a Search, you’ll earn a notification with the hunt outcomes when you salvage connection

Be taught more about what the Google app can quit for you:
*some ingredients of Look is presumably no longer on hand in all countries

• Recount bid instructions while navigating – even when your method has no connection. Strive announcing “execute my navigation” “what's my ETA?” or “what's my next turn?”
• Faded connection? If your search fails, the Google app will elevate you outcomes when you salvage connection.
• Troubleshoot connectivity factors with more handy error cards when your search fails because your method is offline
• It's more straightforward to earn entry to privacy settings from the homescreen. Dazzling faucet your Google Yarn profile image.
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