Attack Gap – Sad Gap Games


Can you pass the sad hole to swallow the hands down the opening esteem a hoard grasp?

Your quest is easy in Attack Gap. The clock is ticking, tik tok, tik tok, will you be triumphant to swallow all the hands down the opening earlier than the time is up?
Possess your current sad hole possess and bound esteem a hoard grasp in the sector fat of weapon and are trying to determined it!

For the bigger weapon you would possibly maybe well need bigger sad hole to swallow even the largest weapons, bombs and bullets!

The sad hole carve the entire weapon by taking it down the opening.

At the tip, you beget to fight with the enemy with the entire weapons you gathered in the arcade hole.
Can you beat them with the entire arm you swallowed down the opening?
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– Malicious program fixes
– Gameplay enhancements

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