Aether Gazer


In the fracture, fixed battle has eroded the livability of Earth, forcing humanity to flee by uploading their consciousnesses to Gaea, an AI orbiting the Earth.

Human consciousness is split into ten sephirah zones, each with its gather weird culture and beliefs, that are all working collectively towards building the correct civilization called Idealbild.

Alternatively, below the surface and within the Source Layer, sinister laptop viruses called Visbanes lurk, zigzag on destroying humanity’s promised paradise.

Exercise your details of every character’s skillset all the design in which through fight, utilize energy-united states of americato map combos and customize your squad to unleash the energy of Modifiers to construct consciousness and attain the promised future of Idealbild.

· Run-Packed Strive in opposition to Requiring Fleet-Paced Decision Making
· Explore a Dystopia Full of Lore and Loot
· Customise Your Personality’s Abilities and Seamlessly Commerce Your Struggling with Model
· Mix and Match Your Squad for Interesting Chained Combos and Enticing Performances
· Premium Quality Personality Form with Evolved NPR Rendering Abilities
· Immersive Soundtrack and Peculiar Voiceover for Every Personality

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Aether Gazer—Join forces and attain the promised future of Idealbild along with your team!

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