Ys On-line:The Ark of Napishtim


The Far West is the place the ocean meets its discontinue.
Many mumble it’s the pickle of nature’s wrath, “The Immense Vortex of Canaan,” which engulfs all ships that dare to strive a traverse.
Why does it exist?
What more or less world is on the moderately a number of facet?
If you abet a soul of plod, you will be drawn toward this unknown!

Game Summary
“Ys On-line: The Ark of Napishtim” is licensed and tailored from the sixth skills of the legendary Japanese franchise, the Ys series. The game, supervised by Falcom, inherits the soul of standard JRPG adventures. While revitalizing the novel design, a premier VA lineup turned into as soon as added to dub your total narrative, crafting a richer and more subtle trip. In the game, adventurers will accompany Adol to the “Immense Vortex of Canaan” to meet the mysterious Rehdan Sisters and together stumble on the “Ruins of the Winged One Civilization.” A heartwarming narrative and generous plod are about to launch.


[The Classic Ys VI Story Is Back with a Magnificent Adventure]
The purple-haired adventurer Adol, the mysterious Rehdan priestesses Olha & Isha, the commander with a dire mission Ernst, and the highly nice Geis… The total fan-favorite characters secure returned with unique character-novel facet stories! Primary maps corresponding to Limewater Cave, Zemeth Island, and the Grana-Vallis Mountain had been revamped, enriching the emotional trip signature of Ys!

[Explore the Ancient Forest Ruins and Challenge the Mighty BOSS]
Meet the Rehdan Sisters and defeat the Demi-Galba to place their tribe! The labyrinth within the ruins of the Canaan Islands is waiting for valorous adventurers. There are moderately a number of treasures and mighty bosses hidden of their depths. Advance and bewitch on the challenges with Adol!

[Experience a Japanese Fantasy Adventure and Try the Different Game Modes]
While conserving the retro form of the Ys series, the game adds many unique game sorts, corresponding to dungeons, puzzle-fixing, competitions, and the feature progression mode. Adventurers can now select to auto-trip gameplay or bewitch fat administration of the thrilling action with game modes, making the game more directable and enriching this high-fable plod RPG!

[Choose One of the Four Main Classes to Create Brand-New Heroes for Canaan]
There are four classic courses ready for you: A shut-fight warrior with high protection, a mage who can assault crowds from a distance, a ranger who heals more than one allies at the moment, and an murderer who’s ready to strike up shut, with moderately a number of class transformations for you to settle. The Goddess Alma will recordsdata your manner to basically the most superior decision!

[Switch between Combat and Leisure to Share a Relaxing Time with Friends]
On this planet of Ys, intense battles usually are no longer the exclusively thing to total. It is miles potential for you to to bewitch half in informal farming, cooking, house furnishing, pet breeding, and classy costume-up. Obtain a breath from the exhilarating plod and trip a calming time with buddies!

[The All-Star VA Cast and Amazing Soundtrack Experience]
The game entails all of the novel signature music of Ys VI, with Kaji Yuki, Ishikawa Yui, Kawasumi Ayako, Koshimizu Ami, Tanaka Rie, and plenty moderately a number of renowned Japanese VAs dubbing your total story. The combination of fantastic music and SFXs elevates the gameplay, bringing adventurers closer in contact with the enviornment of Ys!
Malicious program mounted.

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