World of Pets – Multiplayer


Procure, Hatch, and Tame trusty pets in Norris Nuts: World of Pets! A social RPG adventure game the assign chums region out on a quest to search hidden secrets and tactics and find intelligent recent lands!

Enter a land of fantastical animals and intelligent characters in World of Pets, a scheme to meet, play and trade with chums! Explore magical areas collectively, with their very occupy Quests, Items, and Pets!

Pets originate as eggs, as soon as hatched it is up to you to gaze after them in advise that they can develop bigger! Employ potions to develop elemental variations of your creatures.

Customise your participant and your pets, steal them to recent areas and steal on Quests!

World of Pets is a social scheme! Meet with chums and procure recent ones, play, trade, comprise competitions, and overview kinds within the City Center!

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