Dragonheir: Restful Gods


Dragonheir: Restful Gods is an start-world high-sage RPG that locations you on high of issues of over 200 heroes. Within the multiversal adventure, you are going to skills strategic combat love never before, the build each hotfoot counts and each resolution is also the distinction between victory and defeat.
With rolling cube and seasonal multiversal sing material, Dragonheir keeps issues recent and animated, offering never-ending potentialities for adventure and exploration.

◉ Sport Capabilities ◉

〓 Adventure In An Birth World 〓
A critical resolution of actions and pursuits sit up for within the starting up world of Dragonheir: Restful Gods – hunt for care for, resolve intricate puzzles, join a drinking contest or a cooking competition, and shape your hero’s legend in any capacity you desire.

〓 Roll The Dice 〓
Dice rolls not easiest play a major role in combat, but also enhancing gameplay and adding a stroke of kindly fortune to each worry adventurers would possibly fetch themselves in reminiscent of attach end, negotiation, drinking contest and more.

〓 Assemble A Courageous Group 〓
The area of Adenthia has over 200 heroes with weird and wonderful abilities and attributes dependable ready to affix the fight in opposition to the darkness lively the land. It’s seemingly you’ll also buy on the larger challenges alongside your mates and comrades in a cooperative PvE mode in which avid gamers can crew up to abolish the most formidable enemies and forge their glory together.

〓 Strategic Fight 〓
Trip the weird and wonderful mix of chess-love technique, various persona abilities, and a stroke of kindly fortune while rolling the cube to peep who fortune favors this round. While true-time combat is rapidly-paced emphasizing lawful persona placement, shiny how your characters can buy impartial correct thing about various terrains is pivotal in deciding who emerges victorious.

〓 Originate Desire Shape Your Account 〓
Within the magical high sage start world of Adenthia, you are going to buy on the mantle of the Chosen One. Acquaint yourself with companions of heaps of origins and birthplaces, and salvage the world by chaos. Explore mature dungeons and unravel hidden secrets. Your each desire matters in forging your individual legend.

〓 Seasonal Update 〓
Seasonal Updates not easiest expands the multiverse with recent locations to explore, enemies to abolish, and collaborated eminent characters, but also enable avid gamers to refresh their hero produce, Camp, and more.

〓 A great deal of Hero Builds 〓
The numerous produce alternatives mean never-ending potentialities to customize your celebration people to develop particular your crew stands out. Your weird and wonderful subject of strengths can even play a key role in recruiting some of them to affix your celebration.

◉ [Official Website]: https://dragonheir.nvsgames.com
◉ [Official Discord]: https://discord.gg/dragonheir
◉ [Official Facebook]: https://www.facebook.com/DragonheirGame
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2. Various worm fixes—Procure ready for more skills enhancements!

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